Rabu, 04 Juli 2007

Can I Connect to EDGE while Doing a Phone Call at the Same Time?

This is not possible. WiFi and phone at the same time is possible, though. If there's a problem with disconnected WiFi while calling, it might be due to the fact that the WiFi signal is getting weak and the iPhone automatically switches to EDGE (but since the phone call is on, the EDGE is off after being chosen).

iPhone not Working with Vista 64 Bit

iPhone is not compatible with Vista 64bit. Period.

VMWare is an option, will need the software and a copy XP to make the iTunes work properly though. Also, the current version of VMWare still won't support it. It has been patched but have yet to be released, and there's no release date yet.

So, as of now, there's no possible way to connect iPhone to Vista 64bit. Too bad.

Senin, 02 Juli 2007

How to Charge iPhone while Turned Off?

The correct way to recharge the iPhone's battery while keeping it turned off is by plugging the cable first, and then turn-off the iPhone.

Turning off first then plugging the cable will only turn the mobile phone on again.

iPhone and GMail Trouble: Sent Item Shows up in Inbox


When you're sending a mail in GMail, it then shows up in your inbox.


In your GMail account, Try to create a filter for sent items and make it so it doesn't go to inbox. Here's the step-by-step details:

1. Log-in into GMail, click 'Settings'.
2. Click Filters, then New Filters.
3. On the "from" field, type 'me' (without quotes).
4. Click next step.
5. On the next from, tick the 'Skip the Inbox (Archive it)' option.
6. Click create filter.

Apple iPhone's Speaker too Low?

There's a lot of complaints that the speaker volume of the Apple iPhone is way too low. Here are some solutions you might want to try to alleviate the problem:

1. Try turning sound check off in the iPod settings page.
2. The plastic film cover might be blocking the iPhone's sound. Take it off.

Of course, don't forget the obvious solution to call Apple's iPhone customer service and/or wait for the cell phone's firmware upgrade.

This post will stay updated when I found new solutions, so stay tuned!